The 2018 ANZ Employee Engagement Conference in association with Fuel50

November 15, 2018 - The Sydney Cricket Ground

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About the conference

Now in our third year in ANZ and fourth worldwide, The Employee Engagement Conference in association with Fuel50 delivers best in class award winning case studies & thought leaders to help inspire and improve.

It’s the only event that brings together award winning entries, case studies and a community of professionals with a passion to improve the world of work and business performance. Where ideas flow and connections are made.

By attending the conference, you will also be able to participate in the short champagne soaked award ceremony and catered after party that follows too.

Providing unrivalled value.

Tickets & value from the day

We will be bringing together 10+ speakers to create a powerful and educational afternoon to maximise the value you receive for the time out of the office. As mentioned, no other event can offer the mix of award winning campaigns that we can.

We are also keeping each speaker to a short and sharp 20 minutes to present powerful case studies and presentations so that you extract the maximum value from the day.

Immediately following the conference we will be having a short award presentation followed by networking cocktails & canapés for conference guests and winners alike.

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Conference agenda


Registration, lunch & networking


Acknowledgement of Country & Introduction
Matt Manners, CEO & Founder, The EE Awards


Welcome by your conference chair
Marija Potter, Industrial Organizational Psychologist @Fuel50


Case Study
2017 Employee Engagement Company of the Year
Company: Youi Insurance
Speaker: Ryan McGrory


Thought Leader
Topic: Culture: Risk v Reward
Company: Brand Institute
Speaker – Karl Treacher, Group CEO, Brand Institute


Case Study
The true cost of disengagement
Company: Engage & Grow
Speaker: April Holdsworth, Global Coach Support Manager


Break & Refreshments


Case Study
2016 ANZ Employee Engagement Company of the Year
Company: Z-Energy
Speaker: Julie Fitzgerald, Talent Manager


Thought Leader
Topic – Global Trends in Employee Engagement
Company: Employee Engagement Awards
Speaker: Matt Manners, CEO & Founder


Case Study
2018 ANZ Finalist – Company of the year
Company: Sentis
Speaker: Anthony Gibbs, CEO


Closing remarks
Chair: Marija Potter


Champagne & 2018 Awards Ceremony
A short ceremony to announce the 2018 ANZ Employee Engagement Company of the year


Awards party, networking, drinks & canapés
Time to party, network, reflect on the day and celebrate the best across ANZ


There will be an afterparty in Sydney CBD location (TBD)



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Marija Potter

Emcee & Organisational Psychologist, Fuel50

Ryan McGrory

Employee Experience Manager, Youi Insurance

Julie Fitzgerald

Talent Manager, Z Energy

April Holdsworth

Global Coach Support Manager, Engage & Grow

Anthony Gibbs

CEO, Sentis

Image of ANZ Employee Engagement Awards Judge - Karl Treacher - CEO of The Brand Institute Australia

Karl Treacher

Group CEO, The Brand Institute

Matt Manners

CEO & Founder, Employee Engagement Awards


The Conference will be held at The Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney.

Please visit Gate E and you will be directed by security to the Arthur Morris room.